Robert Storey

Robert Storey

Robert lives in the sunny county of Kent in England. He was educated at the University of London, where he received his B.Sc. in Mathematics & Statistics with Honours in 1998. Ironically Robert recalls the most enjoyable part of his Maths degree was when he had to write an essay on the history of Mathematics, clearly indicating his passion was for the arts and not the sciences.

His first published novel is 2040: Revelations (Book One of Ancient Origins) which was written in 2013. His first ever book was a fantasy novel written in 2004 which is awaiting a redraft prior to publication. Robert is planning to add more titles to his Ancient Origins series and has already written the second, third and fourth volumes which were released in 2014 and 2015/16, entitled 2041: Sanctuary (Dark Descent), 2041: Sanctuary (Let There Be Light) and 2041: Sanctuary (Genesis).

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If you'd like to speak to Robert about his Ancient Origins series, please use the email address below and insert the words "Contact The Author: Robert Storey" in the subject line of your email. Please note, his response may not be immediate, but he will get back to you as soon as he is able. If for some reason he doesn't respond please get back in touch as it is possible that some emails get diverted by spam filters by mistake. If this occurs try and use a different email account with another provider, or alternatively you can send a letter through the post, along with your email address. The postal address is: Attn: Robert Storey, Sancturian Publishing, 3 Frogshall Cottages, Canterbury Road, Dover, CT15 7HU, United Kingdom.

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