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Latest Update: 29 May / June 2017

The Tenth Protocol / Ancient Origins 5th book update (29 May 2017): Okay, I'm now 700 pages into the 10th Portocol, yep, still going! I think I'm almost writing 3 books in one, hence my headache and continued plot problems. I've pretty much tied the plot down now, well sort of, and I should be full speed ahead over the next few months trying to finish this beast of a book off. In the meantime, I've just uploaded a trailer for the first book, and will try and do one for the Tenth Protocol before it comes out. I think it looks pretty cool, although I wish it was a trailer for an Ancient Origins film rather than just a book, still Rome wasn't built in a day as they say. Enjoy!

p.s. it's better with the sound on 


June 23rd 2017 update: 850 pages, I'm flying now! Hoping for 4 to 5 months til completion. I'm on a mission!!


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Latest update: 22ndSeptember 2016

Update! The new book is going okay, slowly does it at the moment. Although I've had a naughty break to make some new covers for the eBooks. Also the titles for the books will be changing slightly, although paperbacks will be staying the same for the foreseeable . New titles are as follows:
2040 Revelations will now be called Ancient Origins: Revelations. 
2041 Sanctuary (Dark Descent), will now be called Ancient Origins: Dark Descent. 2041 Sanctuary (Let There be Light), will now be called Ancient Origins: Let There Be Light. And 2041 Sanctuary (Genesis) will now be called Ancient Origins: Genesis. Simples! I'll also be dropping the confusing book 2, part 1 for Dark Descent and book 2, part two for Let There Be Light and book 2, part 3 for Genesis. Each one will now be just book 2, 3 and 4, which makes things a lot easier for all concerned ... I hope! New covers will be posted shortly ... and they'll go live within the week on Amazon websites. That's all for now, and any feedback on the new covers will be gratefully received. Sincerely yours. Robert


new covers 2


new covers




Latest update: 14th May 2016
Okay, the Ancient Origins News page is now being duplicated on the Ancient Origins Facebook page:

I thought this was a good idea for anyone more Facebook orientated, also I was hoping it may boost my page 'Likes' on Facebook which are only in the low double digits, and half of them are from people I know! Yes, sadly this indicates my Facebook page is rubbish and I have no friends, although I am a writer and don't get out much so I should cut myself a little slack. Also, as it’s Facebook, if anyone wants to message or Friend request me you'll be able to do so.

I’m sure you don’t really want to hear about my social life, or lack thereof, so I’ll sign off with a final word on where I am in the Ancient Origins series. The re-work for 2040 Revelations has just been completed. It took longer to do than I thought it would; however, I have done some plot work for 2042 and I’m raring to get on with doing some more and then to begin the writing.

Regarding the 2040 rework, I’ve smoothed out the prose and added a few paragraphs here and there, plus two small scenes right at the end of the book, which I think gives more closure on the story than I initially provided. Also, one of these scenes is a subtle nod to one of the greatest movie franchises of all time, Indiana Jones, of which I’m a huge fan. If you’ve already bought the eBook, then you’ll be able to download the new version for free via your eReader device. If you want to buy the new 2040 Revelations, or borrow it via the Amazon library or using a Kindle Unlimited account, then follow the relevant links below.

Okay, that’s about all for now, take care and enjoy your summer!
Sincerely yours
Robert Storey



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NEW FACEBOOK PAGE: 17th March 2016

Not sure if anyone will be interested in this, but I've finally created a proper author Facebook page. To be honest my social networking skills are minimal, but I will try and make it as interesting and informative as possible when I get the chance. So far there's a couple of book signing photos on there, some info about ebook prices on Amazon and a couple of other posts. The link can be found at the top right of this page, although be aware the twitter link next to it is inactive at the moment. Alternatively the direct link can be found here:



NEW RELEASES - LATEST UPDATE: 26th February 2016

At last, Genesis paperbacks are available after a hefty delay at the printers. I'm pleased with them though so the wait was worth it. Newsletter will be issued shortly along with an update on my plans for the next book in the series which I'll be starting some time in May once I have the plot roughed out. You may wonder what I'm doing in the meantime and all will be revealed in the newsletter, although that makes it sound like I could be releasing another book or short story which unfortunately I'm not, I am working though, not slacking off which I hope you'll be pleased to hear. Okay, as usual that's enough of my ramblings, enjoy your day whatever you're doing or wherever you may be.
Sincerely yours

Robert Storey




Right, the Genesis proof has been approved today, now just waiting for final production run and we should hopefully receive the books by the end of next week, finally! Hurrah!! Newsletter to follow.

Sincerely yours

Robert Storey



So, Let There Be Light books are now available, but unfortunately the printers have had a problem with the 2nd proof for Genesis and the new file has been sitting doing nothing for over a week. Clearly this is bad news, but they assure me the proof will be done by the end of this week. This means I won't receive it until next week and therefore the books won't be produced or delivered any earlier than February 5th, and realistically it's looking more like the second week in February until they're delivered which is pretty dire considering the schedule I had planned. Still, at least the first book is done and dusted, so one down, one to go. With all this in mind any orders for just Let There Be Light will be despatched asap, while double orders for LTBL and Genesis will be delayed until both are available, although we will contact you to see if you would like LTBL and Genesis shipped separately.

Okay, I think that's about it for now. I will be trying to create some kind of blog or website dedicated to Ancient Origins at some point, it's getting the time to do it that's the problem, but rest assured any news related to the series will be posted on this website until that time comes.


Hopefully my next update will have better news on the Genesis paperback, fingers and toes crossed!
Sincerely yours

Robert Storey



Right, the Let There Be Light paperbacks are looking like they'll be delivered by the middle of next week, but unfortunately the Genesis cover required some major work due to the proof's drab appearance. Who knew transferring what you see on-screen to print could be so difficult! Anyway I won’t go on about the frustrations of transferring RGB to CMYK, I will instead estimate the books to be ready for shipping, as much as I hate to say it, sometime in the first week of February. I'll also get a newsletter out when they're available. Apologies for the delay to all those waiting, I'll do everything I can to ensure that wait is as short as possible, fingers crossed the printers will come up with the goods in short order.

Sincerely yours

Robert Storey



The paperbacks are now ready for pre-order. However, the proofs are yet to arrive, so please bear in mind the actual delivery of the books and subsequent shipping to you will depend on the proofs and then the ability of the printers to produce them in the allotted timeframe. If the proofs are pass muster, then the books should be shipped to you by the last week of January. If the proofs are bad, then it depends on what's wrong with them as to how soon the books will be shipped, but it is likely the first week in February. This is worst case scenario, but I'll keep you updated and send a newsletter when the proofs arrive for a definitive date.

Sincerely yours

Robert Storey


LATEST UPDATE: 1st January 2016

First of all, Happy New Year to you all. For all those waiting for the paperback release, don't worry, I haven't forgotten you. Apart from two days off for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I've been flat out again working on getting the paperbacks ready for the printers. I had been hoping to get everything finished on New Year's Eve, however, that has proved optimistic to say the least. As of today, I've got both manuscripts ready for the printers, but the covers are yet to be finished and I'd rather not rush them out for a sake of a few days so it's looking like everything will be a go for the printers by the 5th or 6th of January, and then it's down to the printers to determine the turnaround. Hopefully they'll be available by the beginning of the last week in January, as long as the proofs come out as expected. Although there is no guarantee as colour saturation, transparencies and other nasties can sometimes turn up unexpected results when transferred from an RGB screen to CYMK print, as I know to my cost.


Also, during my hectic beavering, I had time to update the ebooks to smooth out some small imperfections, which included some gaps between lines of text that shouldn’t have been there and a couple of words in error that somehow snuck past undetected.


Anyway, back to the paperbacks, as soon as the files have gone to the printer's we'll get the pre-order links up on this site. Which reminds me, we'll also put up an order section for U.S. and any other non UK territories whereby all four books can be purchased and shipped as one order, which will reduce shipping costs and time. UPS 2 days by air to the USA would cost £25, so all 4 limited edition paperbacks delivered would be £60.96, or about $90.

Okay, it's time for an evenings rest before the cover onslaught begins tomorrow.

Happy New Year once again

Sincerely yours

Robert Storey



LATEST UPDATE: 24th December 2015

Both eBooks are live on Amazon and available to buy or borrow!

I formatted them in one day, so I hope they're all okay. They should be as I followed my standard eBook procedure, which is concise and normally accurate to provide a good ereader experience. If there are any glaring boo boos on my part please don't hesitate to get in touch by sending an email to: email address


I will be sending out a quick newsletter later today before I allow myself a deep sigh of relief and then its a couple of days of rest on Christmas day and Boxing Day and then I'll be onto sorting the paperbacks, although I having a sneaking suspicion I may do a little on Christmas day when no one's looking!


A little note on the page counts for the ebooks. Amazon has used their algorithm to estimate page length for each book. I think it puts LTBL @ 610 pages and Genesis @ 545 pages. Obviously this is incorrect for when the print versions are done this count will revert to the proper figures of 671pages for Genesis (including appendices) and 762pages for LTBL (inc. appendices). This is strange as the font size in the print books isn't massive by any means, about 11 points, so I can only assume that the majority of kindle devices are read with settings that enable a lot of text to be on the screen at any given time. Thinking about it, this probably makes sense as margins can be a lot smaller on a device than a physical book.


Lastly, I included a couple of poems at the end of the book, which may or may not appeal to anyone. They're my first attempts at the art of fluid prose and are a little on the dour side, so if you want to avoid being depressed over this happy season then they might be best avoided!


Okay, I think that's about it, I hope you enjoy the reads and, as always, if anyone is able to leave a review on Amazon that would be wonderful as while I am pleased with them, I never know if they're any good until I get feedback from the most important people in this whole process, and that's YOU! So, if there's anything you don't like, anything you love, or anything you hate, I always make a point to read my reviews to make sure I'm keeping on the right track. Obviously not everyone will like the books, it's impossible to please everyone, however it doesn't stop me from trying :)


Ok, it's time for a quick rest before I start on the newsletter. Take care of yourselves, and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year

Sincerely yours

Robert Storey



LATEST UPDATE: 20th December 2015

Right, the 21st isn't going to happen, but I am still working flat out to get these books done. I have all the copy edits done, I'm just finalising what grammatical rules to break and which ones to abide by, as ever its flow vs the laws of grammar. The eBook covers are done and appendices are done. If I keep working like I am, then I'm looking at a 23rd, 24th or maybe even a 25th Dec release date. I won't stop until they're released and then I'll have a days rest and get started on the paperback pre-press process. Right, back to it!

Sincerely yours

Robert Storey


NEW UPDATE: 5th December 2015

Okay, I got the first manuscript back from my copy editor, the wonderful Julie Lewthwaite, two weeks ago and I’m nearly finished sorting out her amendments while she’s working on Genesis. So far it’s all going to plan, but the longer things go on the more days get eaten away. It’s looking – as long as I keep my nose firmly to the grindstone – like I will be able to get the ebooks on Amazon by the 21st of December so you’ll have them to read over Christmas which is what I’ve been working for as there was no way I wanted this to go into 2016. However, with the paperbacks requiring much more work, typesetting, cover design, printing, proof approval and the xmas holiday, I will aim for the manuscripts and cover designs to get to the printers by the 31st of December. But since it takes around three weeks to get them back, then it’s looking like they wont be available until the second, or sadly, even the third week in January. I will try my best to make sure it’s as early as possible though, as I know myself when waiting for a book release it becomes very annoying when it keeps getting put back. Just to let you know, I am feeling the same frustration, this book was supposed to be out in July! [Sigh] Still, at least there are two now I suppose.
Anyway, I better get back to work.
Sincerely yours
A slightly frazzled Robert Storey



NEW UPDATE: 31st October 2015

Okay, I'm working myself into the ground to get these books done, it's tough going but I'm getting there. Just doing a final re-read and smoothing out any last bumps and then if it passes muster with my beta readers, aka my editors, aka my parents, both books will be off to my copy editor faster than you can say 'phew'. Then its time to sort the appendices, amend the copy edit when I get it back and then all I have to do is get everything formatted, sort the covers, upload to Amazon and all the while sort out the printers for the paperbacks. If I say it quick I'm liable to avoid passing out. With all this in mind it's definitely looking like a December release, but I'll keep this page updated and a newsletter will follow at some point as well. In the meantime here's a pic of the finished manuscripts sans final smoothing.





NEW UPDATE: 17th September 2015
Right, so I've finished writing the books. Now I have to complete the mechanics, i.e. smooth out writing, add in some scenes and then it's off to be copy edited. Unfortunately all of this could take a couple more months as its 1,250 pages to cope with, so many apologies to anyone who's been waiting for this release since June, but I am getting there. So it's now looking like a November, or worst case scenario, a December release ... yikes. Overall though, I'm quite pleased with how things have gone since my plot nightmare I had to contend with a few months back, so fingers crossed you'll be pleased with the results. Although, as usual, any feedback is always really appreciated, be that via a review on Amazon which I will read and take note of, or sent directly from this website via the 'contact us' page. Okay, that's it for now, I better get back to it or it'll be the new year already!
Sincerely yours
Robert Storey



Update July/August 2015:

2041 Sanctuary (2: Let There Be Light)

2041 Sanctuary (3: Genesis)


Okay, an update on where I am on the next book in the Ancient Origins series. Do you want the good news or the bad news?


Okay, bad news first. I'm still immersed in writing and the end of the book needs a major rework, argh! Yes, not good as I wanted the book released by now. Although hopefully it should be ready in September 2015.


But now for the good news. As you can see on this page there seems to be not one, but two new books. And that's been the problem, ever since September last year I've been working hard on writing the next instalment in the series. So much so things have expanded somewhat so it appears I will have to split the book into two. So 2041 Sanctuary will now consist of three parts. I was loathe to go down this route for a number of reasons, most prevalent being I didn't want to cut the story in two because it may interrupt the flow of the read and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I didn't want it to appear like a money making exercise. But as the book grew it came to a point where the paperback book would have reached around 1,200 pages, and ensuring the books stay uniform to the previous releases this would mean a book weighing in at nearly 1.4kg and 6cm thick or with the only other appropriate paper type available from my printers, a book nearly 11cm thick and around 1.1kg. Yes, weirdly thicker paper, but lighter overall, I can never get my head round that. Anyway to stop the wrist breaking weight of a 1.4kg book, or one that is two thick to read, I have decided, with much deliberation to split the book into two, so now 2041 Sanctuary will have three books (or parts). They will be as follows:


2041 Sanctuary (1: Dark Descent)

2041 Sanctuary (2: Let There Be Light)

2041 Sanctuary (3: Genesis)


Unfortunately this is not so good for paperback readers as you'll have twice the cost, although there will be two books to look forward to rather than just one and they'll be limited editions and can be signed and personalised just for you which I hope eases the pain somewhat. Regarding ebooks, since weight etc isn't an issue I could have kept Let There Be Light to a single volume, however, to stop confusion abounding I will have to split the ebook too. With the ebook, however, I will be able to split the cost in half for each volume, as unlike the paperback there are no production costs involved. Therefore, Let There Be Light @ 1200pages was going to be priced at $7.99 / £6.99, now Let There Be light @ 700 pages will be $3.99 / £3.49 and Genesis @ 500 pages will be $3.99 / £3.49, or thereabouts as these prices, like the covers, are still subject to slight changes.


Right, that's about it for now, I better get back to my headache, I mean writing, and hopefully it wont be too long before both books will be available to read. Then all I have to worry about is if you guys like them or not!


Sincerely yours

Robert Storey