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Newsletter 1: Sent - Mon, Aug 18th, 2014

Dear Ancient Origins reader

Welcome to the first Ancient Origins newsletter! Brought to you by the author of 2040: Revelations, Robert Storey.  It’s been a while coming but now it’s underway I’ll be sending these newsletters out 3 to 4 times a year to keep you updated on anything and everything Ancient Origins related. If you’d rather not receive these please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.


So what’s the big news today? Well, after a slog to end all slogs I have finally finished the second book in the series, which follows on from where 2040: Revelations left off. The title of the new book is 2041 Sanctuary (1: Dark Descent).  Why the number one you may ask? Well Dark Descent is actually part one of book two of Ancient Origins. Confused yet? Let me explain; Dark Descent can be read as a standalone book even if you haven’t read 2040: Revelations, however, I initially envisaged a book for each year in the Ancient Origins series which I have plotted out to 2045. Despite this the characters' lives took on a life of their own as I was writing, so much so I was forced to split 2041: Sanctuary into two books, the first being Dark Descent and the second will be called Let There Be Light. Just because Dark Descent is part one won’t mean you’re short changed, though, as it’s over two thirds longer than 2040: Revelations. Dark Descent is 868 paperback pages (including Appendices) whereas Revelations was only 494. Although we all know it's quality not quantity that matters, hopefully I’ve been able to provide both, but that will be for you to decide and for me to find out.

2041 Sanctuary (1: Dark Descent) will be available to buy as a paperback from and as a Kindle eBook from Amazon within the next seven days (unless the print process goes pear shaped then it could be a tad longer). After this the paperback will then be added to eBay and Amazon and the eBook distributed to other outlets via Smashwords. If you’re buying a paperback and want the book signed specifically to you or a loved one, please include a message when ordering on with PayPal. It’s also good to note eBooks will not contain all the images of emblems, logos, maps and diagrams in the Appendices due to file size constraints; however, we will endeavour to add these to the website when possible. 

I hope this newsletter is well received; however, if you have any ideas or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will do my best to respond as soon as I am able. I will also be sending out another newsletter within the week to inform you when the book is available to buy.

Well, that’s it for now.
Take care and enjoy your day
Robert Storey



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Newsletter 2: Sent - Wed, Aug 27th, 2014


Dear Ancient Origins reader

Here it is, 2041 Sanctuary (1: Dark Descent) is now available to buy on Amazon as a Kindle eBook! The paperback is also ready for preorder on and should be in stock by the 5th of September. As soon as the books arrive we’ll ship your orders. (It will also be available in the coming weeks as a paperback on Amazon and eBay and as an eBook via Smashwords and other ebook outlets).

Apologies to you all for the delays in the release of the book, I just hope it turns out to be worth the wait for you. If it’s not I’ll quietly stick my head in the oven and turn it on … although thinking it through if I did this I wouldn’t be able to attempt to redeem myself with my next book so perhaps I’ll just resort to wallowing in self pity for a while and then get my writing on.

For anyone buying a paperback copy, whilst the book is longer than 2040: Revelations the actual thickness is almost the same due to a change in paper type. This is very annoying as I myself love big fat books to read, but unfortunately if the same paper type had been used the book would have been over 7cm thick! To give it perspective this would have been a cm thicker than JK Rowling’s thickest hardback and over a cm bigger than some of the fattest Lord of The Rings books I’ve seen, hardback or paperback. Needless to say shops don’t like super fat books as they get less on their shelves. Don’t despair totally, however, fellow fat book lovers, as the book is a lot denser and heavier than the first book as the paper is, well, denser and heavier - funny that.


Back to Ancient Origins in general, future plans include an author website and blog with a fan-art section. I’m also considering a set of Hardback leather-bound special editions in the future (definitely super fat too!), but due to cost these would need a lot of interest before they could become a reality and may need a crowdfunding project to get them off the ground. My next project is of course 2041 Sanctuary (2: Let There Be Light) which I am itching to get started on, I already know what’s going to happen it’s just a case of when, where and how that I need to sort out. The plan is to have Let There Be Light released in mid 2015.


Right, that’s it for now, I hope you enjoy 2041 Sanctuary (1: Dark Descent) and I’ll look forward to getting back in touch with you in a few months’ time.

Look after yourself and live life
Sincerely yours
Robert Storey