Ancient Origins: Genesis

(Paperbacks and pre Sep 22nd 2016 eBooks entitled 2041 Sanctuary: Genesis)


“Sometimes it’s safer in the dark … sometimes.”



Release date: 21st January 2016

Ancient Origins: Genesis (Book Four of Ancient Origins)

(Series volume: 4) (706 pages)

Deep beneath the mountains and deserts of Mexico is a subterranean world, an enormous archaeological wonder of ancient origins that dwarfs anything ever created by humanity. Within this abandoned underworld, the English anthropologist, Sarah Morgan, seeks a way back to the surface where she plans to expose the existence of an extinct species of Hominid which was capable of astounding creativity and unrivalled scientific advance. However, forbidden knowledge isn’t Sarah’s only treasure; in her possession is an artefact of immense power stolen from a secret military vault, an artefact coveted by those willing to do anything to secure its safe return. To evade capture and fulfil her destiny, Sarah must take risks like never before as those who pursue her aren’t the only thing to fear. Something else lurks in the deep, something unknown, something large and something very dangerous. What it is no one knows, but one thing is for sure … it’s not human. 

Meanwhile, as Sarah fights for survival, Malcolm Joiner, the ruthless director of the Global Meteor Response Council’s feared Intelligence Division, seeks to unlock the secrets of Project Ares, a covert scientific collaboration between NASA, the United States military and the GMRC’s nefarious R&D Division. But as Joiner plots and weaves his web of lies, he uncovers a shocking truth about Ares that not only undermines his own position of authority, but threatens the very existence of the United States, the GMRC and maybe even humanity itself … 

‘An archaeological, science fiction blockbuster loaded with suspense and action that will leave you breathless …’ 

‘Ancient Origins: Genesis – An incredible read from start to finish … bring on the Apocalypse!’ 

Ancient Origins: Genesis is the fourth book in the Ancient Origins series.


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